Vaporstream 2.0 FAQ

Vaporstream 2.0 is a secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging App that you can use on your smartphones, tablets or laptops. The solution provides sender controlled, encrypted texting that helps ensure that only the intended receiver sees the message contents. Unlike email, Vaporstream messages cannot be saved, stored, forwarded, shared nor printed, and patented screenshot protection ensures that images on the device screen cannot be captured. The sender can also shred the message at any time to remove the message from all devices. Text messages shared between devices also disappear after a designated period of time.
We use a valid phone number or email to authenticate your account via SMS text message or email message, and helps secure your account. Additionally, we use your contact list to connect you with friends - and the easiest way for friends to find you is your phone number or email.
The avatar image next to each row in the Chats screen indicates the last member of the chat that was active in the chat. When new content is added to a specific chat, the icon is updated to reflect this change and indicates which member added the most recent content to the chat.
Active chats display in the Chats screen. If the owner (person who started the chat) of the chat shreds the chat, then it is removed from all other member's devices. If the member exits the chat, then the chat is removed from that member's device. Also, if there has been no activity on a chat for more than 24 hours, then the chat is automatically shredded and removed from all devices.
Since the server does not keep a copy of the messages, once you delete the app from your device, those messages are no longer available. However, you may continue the conversation with the members in those chats.
If you are the owner (member who started the chat) of the chat, you have the ability to "Shred" the chat at any time. This will remove the chat from the devices of all members in the chat (including the owner). If you are a member of a chat, then you may "Exit" the chat at any time. This action will remove your device from the chat. Furthermore, you will no longer be associated with any content that you had previously posted to the chat.
There are two ways to view the members of a chat. First, you can click on the text in the center of the top bar on the screen. It will say "Tap for Info" unless a topic has already been set. By clicking this Topic field, you will go to a Chat Info screen where you can specify a topic and see the members of the chat. Also, you can swipe right on the chat screen to view who has contributed the visible content on the screen and at what time.
If the member posting the picture has not sliced or obscured the image, then the other members of the chat can view the image multiple times while the chat is active. However, if an image has been sliced 1 or more times, then the members of the chat can only view the image once.